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Mitchell Scout Troop:

Named after the locally born Spitfire designer Reginald Mitchell, the troop was formed in 2000 and meets on Monday evenings from 19.30 to 21.00. in the Scout Den.
'Scouting has given me a fantastic opportunity to do lots of activities and things that people who are not in Scouts donít get to do. Itís about having fun with good friends.í
Mitchell troop provides a well-balanced programme to meet the aims and objective of the Scout Movement as a whole. The traditional activities of Camping, Cooking, Canoeing, Climbing, Caving (and they are just some of the ones that begin with a C!) are interspersed with the more modern activities and interests that young people enjoy in the 21st Century.

A brief overview of the last few years:
2015 Christmas, 21 of us travelled to the Lake District for our Biannual camp in Elterwater (North Windermere). We hiked in the snow which ended up in a snowball fight and visited some of the local villages to do some sightseeing. The camp was topped off with a traditional Christmas Dinner on the Saturday evening. This year we also had numerous scouts achieving their Chief Scouts Award, this is the highest achievable award in the Scout section.
2016 saw us take up the Million Hands Challenge, this was to raise awareness for Mind the mental health charity. We also took up responsibility for a section of canal near the Bet 365 stadium as part of this challenge. One of our Young Leaders Sophie has been upkeeping a blog for the project, you can follow this Link .

We also renewed our friendship with Norwegian Scouts from Strand Jopeland (just outside Stavanger) when we hosted them at our Potteries themed camp at Kibblestone where we spent a tremendous time together. We first met during the International Friendship Camp in 2004 and were fortunate enough to be able to spend two weeks with them in Norway in 2005. We have returned to Norway in 2010 and 2014 to spend more time with them. In 2008 we hosted the Norwegians at the IFC and in 2012 we welcomed them to back England for an Olympic themed camp, and after 2016's Potteries camp have received an invitation to take scouts back to Norway in 2018.

2017 we plan to achieve more challenge badges, climb more mountains and attend District Scout events such as the Night Hike, Bell Boating, Survival Camp and particularly the Circus skills district themed camp.
We have made many memories in the relatively short time that the Troop has been going and you can share a few of them by checking out the Gallery page. We feel sure that there are many, many more that we have yet to make!

Introduction to Scouts:
Scouts are the third section of the Scouting movement. From the first experimental camp for 20 boys in 1907, the movement now has an estimated 28 million members worldwide, and in the UK alone there are over 499,000 boys and girls involved in Scouting.

Jono Mycock - Scout Leader
Scouter Dan Nutting - Asst. Scout Leader
Craig Durose - Asst. Scout Leader
Kay Baker - Asst. Scout Leader
Karen Baker - Asst. Scout Leader
Rosie Jones - Asst. Scout Leader
Mitch Durose - Asst. Scout Leader

The Scout Section is for young people, usually aged between 10Ĺ and 14 years. A young person can come into the Troop at 10 and may stay until they are 14Ĺ years old. The Scout Troop is the third section in the Scout Group, above Beavers and Cubs.

Scouts are encouraged to take part in a wide range of activities as part of their programme. Participation rather than meeting set standards is the key approach, and for the Scout who wants to be recognised for his or her achievements there are a number of Challenges awards and activity badges.

Balanced Programme:
Scouts take part in a Balanced Programme that helps them to find out about the world in which they live, encourages them to know their own abilities and the importance of keeping fit, and helps develop their creative talents. It also provides opportunities to explore their own values and personal attitudes.

International Scouting:
Its international aspect gives Scouting a special appeal, and many Scouts now travel abroad during their time in the section. In 2007, 40,000 Scouts from around the world attended the World Jamboree in the UK, and Scouts regularly participate in international camps and experiences both on home soil and abroad, each of them a unique experience in its own right.
Every other year since 2004, Mitchell Troop Scouts have had a strong relationship with a Norwegian Group from Stavanger, Strand Jorpeland. We plan to upkeep this relationship which has seen our troop host Norwegian scouts and then travel to Norway a couple of years later.

A Scout Troop is divided into small groups called Patrols, each headed up by an older Scout called a Patrol Leader, and often with an Assistant Patrol Leader. Scouting is about being with friends, as part of a team, and participating fully in the adventure and opportunities of life.

Scouts wear a teal green shirt or blouse, navy blue activity trousers or skirt, a group scarf with a woggle, and a Scout belt.

The Scout Promise:
On my honour,I promise that I will do my best
To do my duty to God and to the Queen,
To help other people
And to keep the Scout Law

The Scout Law:
A Scout is to be trusted.
A Scout is loyal.
A Scout is friendly and considerate.
A Scout belongs to the worldwide family of Scouts.
A Scout has courage in all difficulties.
A Scout makes good use of time and is careful of possessions and property.
A Scout has self-respect and respect for others.

The Scout Motto:
Be Prepared

Scout badges and awards:
There is a range of badges and awards available to young people in the Scout Section.

Activity Badges:
Many of the badges available are activity badges, which allow Scouts to show their progress in existing pursuits, but also to try all kinds of new things and form new interests.

Challenge Awards:
Gaining a challenge badge involves accomplishing a number of more ambitious tasks within the Troop or community. There are several challenge badges across a number of themes, from the physical and outdoorsy to challenges dealing with the local community or issues connected with the Scouting world.

Core Badges:
In addition, there are a number of core badges, obtained upon joining or moving on from the Troop, or for time spent in the Scouting movement.

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